I have created this site for my dear students and all the people who are interested in how technology impacts business and society. For all those people who are as crazy about innovations as I am.
From my childhood I have been preparing myself to become a doctor and follow in my parent’s foot step. I have graduated from Medical Academy on pediatrics. At the academy I was keen on neuropathophysiology and neuro networks.
At the same time I was always attracted by idea of creation of visual effects. As a result, this principle has prevailed, and at present I have almost 10 year experience in computer graphics related areas. Medical and biotechnical knowledge obtained at the institute is very often used successfully in the course of production.
During these years I have managed to work in popular science film studio, as motion designer on television, technical director in several advertising studios, strict lecturer in university, kindly instructor in cg school, cg supervisor in feature film studio and also as Chief Technical Officer in real time applications company.

All this period I have been trying to combine my job with education (of myself and the people surrounding me as well).

Also I tried not to abandon the science, though it was very difficult sometimes to find free time while working on production.

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